RMA Puget Sound Members,

We are deeply saddened to share that Bonnie McGoldrick, our long-standing and beloved chapter administrator, passed away on January 14th surrounded by her loved ones.

Bonnie was always a big supporter of the RMA, even back to the Robert Morris days. According to her husband and son, she always saw the value and benefit of what RMA provides to our members.

We send our deepest condolences to everyone who knew Bonnie and enjoyed her bright presence as our chapter admin.


The RMA Puget Sound Board


Honoring Bonnie

“She was a great woman and long time Washingtonian with her family roots here for a few generations in northern Washington. She had a great impact on our organization and was a fantastic person. She will be missed.”

“Anybody with an affiliation to Puget Sound RMA and the Board knows how integral Bonnie was to its operation and character. She will be greatly missed.”

“She has been the pillar of Puget Sound RMA for as long as I can remember. Her ability to serve the board, RMA members and be the welcoming face at every event with such kindness is a true testament to her character. She will be greatly missed.”

Honoring The Life of Bonnie McGoldrick