Become a part of a community of like-minded professionals

The RMA Puget Sound is a network of banking and finance industry professionals that can help develop your career. We have members in all stages of their finance and banking careers, providing a great resource for questions and advice.

Select the membership type that’s right for you:

Financial Institutional Membership

This membership is for financial institutions, private and governmental, active in lending, identifying enterprise risks and other aspects of risk management, and providing related financial services.

Professional Membership

Professional members are employed by organizations and entities not eligible to be institutional members, but provide services to financial institutions such as accountants, attorneys, insurance agency professionals, credit/risk department professionals and similar consultants. RMA offers continuing education through its many resources and training courses, many approved for NASBA CPE credit.

University & Academic Membership

Colleges and universities are always looking to provide the best experience for their students and the best resources to their faculty and staff. RMA’s University Membership enables professors to prepare students for the banking industry through our Credit Essentials Course, offers faculty access to resources like eMentor and Statement Studies, and gives students valuable opportunities to access scholarships, internships, and mentors.

Government Membership

As a government agency or regulator of financial institutions, you and your colleagues oversee the rules and regulations that keep our financial institutions sound. Our mission of building a community of risk management professionals includes you – a very important piece of the puzzle.